Shop My Stash – 3 Products I’ve Vowed To Use in February

It’s February and I’m continuing what appears to be my 2020 habit of posting the “Shop My Stash” post well into the month. New year, new me? I’ll be better, I promise.

shop my stash feb

These are the three products I’ve been putting to work this month.

becca ombre rouge

This first item is probably the situation that inspired the “Shop My Stash” series because I bought it months ago, was so excited to have it, filed it away in my beauty battle station, and didn’t touch it again. I totally forgot that I owned the BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, so I dipped into it for the first time this month and will continue to do so! I’m really enjoying doing this thing where my eye look consists of just one shadow applied as a gradient, and I’m LOVING doing this with the pink shadow in this palette. I’m hoping to explore this method more over the coming months and to make a dent in some shadow singles in the process.

shop my stash lorac shine bright color source and light source cheek palette

I’m also guilty of forgetting about the Lorac Shine Bright Color Source & Light Source Cheek Palette, although I used this one quite a bit right after I bought it. But you know how it goes, you put it away and then forget it ever existed, right? I have no reason not to use this because all 6 shades in this palette work for me, so in theory, I should be using this palette all the time.

the body shop red musk

Last up is something that I whip out in the colder months. The Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Toilette makes an appearance every winter (you may have seen it in a favourites post) and for good reason. It’s toasty, it has depth and it gives me the same type of comfort I feel when I hold a cup of hot apple cider. Before this season wraps up — which can happen any time now — I’ll be using Red Musk.


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