Shop My Stash – 3 Products I Used in December

I normally get this post up near the beginning of the month, but you know how it is with the holidays.

shop my stash december 2019

So here were are, with 6 days left in December and I’m sharing the 3 products I’ve been relying on this month.

Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara

I have a strict rule that I cannot open up more than 2 mascaras at a time, but that rule bends when I have mini mascaras. But I’m still firm in using the minis up before I open up a new one, so I’ve been using the Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara to get a natural but lengthened look.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Collection By Kate #45

This lipstick has been put to work many months and December 2019 was no different. I will not rest until I use up this “my lips but better” lipstick, the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Collection By Kate #45.

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Singles

Last up is a selection of eyeshadow singles. Funny enough, these are the cheapest eyeshadows I own, yet I consistently get compliments when I’m wearing them. The Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Singles continue to impress!


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