Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl “Gilded Honey” – Review, Swatches

Winter, summer, spring or fall, a gold highlighter never goes out of style.

I buy gold highlighters without a second thought because each one looks prettier than the last.

The Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey contains 4.5 g of product and comes in a black compact with a clear domed cap.

laura geller gilded honey review swatches

The highlighter is embossed with that hypnotic Laura Geller swirl.

I’ve always found baked powders to be tricky to work with, and although this highlighter wasn’t as easy to use as a standard powder highlighter, it was on the easier side for being a baked product.

laura geller gilded honey review swatches

I applied the powder to the highpoints of my cheeks with the Morphe M501 brush and was pleased with the application – controlled with a buildable sheen. It wasn’t blindingly bright but did allow me to work up to a noticeable glow.

gilded honey dupe golden flower crown whisper of gilt

I’m usually pretty good with spotting the subtle nuances between products, but Gilded Honey was a pretty close dupe for MAC’s Whisper of Gilt and one of my favourites, Wet n Wild’s Golden Flower Crown. The Wet n Wild highlighter is definitely less warm than Gilded Honey and leans more rosy, but Whisper of Gilt is almost an exact dupe. All 3 highlighters are beautiful colours and good formulas, so there’s really no losing.


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