Shop My Stash – July Edition

Today’s Shop My Stash is a fun one because it has not one, but TWO themes!

bareminerals the inspiration becca opal benefit rockateur

Going with the whole “it’s summer and my face is melting off because of the heat” thing, all three products are powders. No cream or liquid formula means no chance of it getting slippery once it gets hit by the sun. The next theme is that every item in this month’s post is a mini. Minis just don’t get enough love during the year from me. I get very excited about all the minis that come out during the holidays, but storage-wise they get tucked away at the back of my drawers because they’re all different shapes and sizes, so they are placed in a single container to cohabitate. Well, no more because this month I’m about the minis.

bareminerals the inspiration

Item #1 is the bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration. This quad has the shades Muse and Passion, two purples. I really like bareMinerals’ mini eyeshadow duos because the colours are paired together for you to complement each other, which makes them great for beginners. And after visiting a bareMinerals store at an outlet mall last week, I realized there was no time like the present to bust out their shadow duos.

benefit rockateur

Sometimes I have products in my collection that I never touched in the first place. I get so excited to have it in my possession, lovingly find it a place in my drawers and then it blends into the rest of the products and I forget that I own it. That was the case with the mini Benefit Blush in Rockateur. It’s a rose gold shade that is sure to give me that sunkissed look this summer, and I’m really looking forward to using it.

becca opal

Topping off this month’s post is the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal. I got this mini in one of those Sephora Faves sets (which is an incredible value and a great way to try a bunch of new products) and it was the highlighter my bestie wore on her wedding day. At first swatch, it could like this shade could be too deep for my pale complexion, but there’s something about BECCA’s powder formula where the products are so blendable that many of their shades are wearable for many skin tones. I’m ready to get my glow on!


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