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I’ve struggled with skincare for a long time. It’s always felt like a chore, and every time I try a new brand I’m worried about having an allergic reaction. 80% of the time the skincare I’m trying doesn’t end up working for me, so it’s pretty exciting when I try something that doesn’t make me break out.

pixi beauty new skincare

I recently started using Pixi products and it’s been a consistently good experience. I have yet to break out from any product I’ve tried which is pretty abnormal for me. These are 3 items that have been keeping my skin happy.

I’ve been on a sheet mask hunt for the past year. I put a lot of thought into each sheet mask I try, making sure that it’s super gentle, soothing and isn’t packed with fragrances. The Pixi Glow Glycolic Sheet Mask ticks all the boxes. After I take the mask off my skin feels calm and moisturized.

pixi beauty skincare sheet mask


The Pixi Skintreats T-Zone Peel-Off Mask Pore Purifier is a fun one. If you were a fan of slathering your hand with white glue, waiting for it to dry and peeling it off, you’ll probably like this one. You apply it to your T-zone, let it set, and slowly peel it away to reveal clean skin.

pixi beauty new skincare t zone peel off mask

Last up is the Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches. I’ve only used eye patches that come with a single pair to a pack, so this container of 30 pairs is a great value. I wear them for about 10 minutes while lying down (when I walk around they slide down my face a bit), take them off and rub in the remaining product. After about 5 minutes the product dries and you’re left with less puffy undereyes.

pixi beauty skincare detoxifeye eye patches

Alright, friends….what else do I need to try from Pixi? I’m super interested in their Pink Salt Cleansing Oil, Rose Caviar Essence and In-Shower Steam Facial.


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