5 things I learned from Glamzilla’s Masterclass

Last week I attended Glamzilla’s makeup Masterclass. I’ve never taken a masterclass, or any kind of makeup class for that matter, besides a seminar or two at IMATS. This was a great class because we got to see two looks applied (we even got to choose what type of looks we wanted to see that day), ask as many questions as we wanted to along the way, and see an on-set photo shoot, complete with art direction from Glamzilla.

I picked up so many tips that I’ve already started incorporating into my daily makeup routine. These are my top 5 most useful tips and fun facts.

Your makeup is only as good as the skin underneath it. Skincare is a time commitment – I only committed to an evening skincare routine a year or two ago, and let me tell you when you’re exhausted after a long day, it takes a lot of energy to get up and do a full 5-10 step routine. I’ve seen a substantial improvement in my skin since I started taking better care of it, and I can really see it in my makeup looks. Fewer bumps, less texture and less time spent covering up the issues. What has really helped take my makeup routine to the next level has been prepping my skin with skincare before I apply the makeup. Glamzilla applied a Caudalie serum as the first step, moisturizer in targeted places and my all-time fave glowy primer, Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer, on the areas of the face that she wanted to look dewy. It gave the model the healthiest glow and made her makeup look that much better.

You buy expensive tools, so let them do the work. I’m a firm believer that if you have the right brushes, they do the work for you. Glamzilla showed a bronzer technique where she stressed the importance of really getting your brush into the product. Don’t just rub the sides, but make sure every bristle is coated (really let the product soak into each bristle). Followed by a little shake, the powder bronzer on that brush will be enough for a full application, and you won’t need to dip back into your powder (which also has sanitary benefits, as it eliminates introducing bacteria into the powder). She recommends investing in Sephora brushes and Bdellium Tools.

Blending 101: straight lines = concentrated, circle = diffused. I think blending is one of the most important parts of my makeup routine. No mistake can’t be addressed by blending. When it comes to applying eyeshadow, blush, contour, etc. Glamzilla reminded us that if you want to concentrate the colour in one area, use straight, windshield-wiper motions. If you want to diffuse the colour and make for a seamless transition, apply it in circular motions.

Step away, look at your work and edit. Don’t wait until the very end of your makeup routine to look at your work. Pause several times during your routine and actually take a step back to look at your work as a whole. That way you can make small edits throughout the process instead of making big changes at the very end.

Release the tension when you’re holding your brush. This was a tip Glamzilla received from Makeup by Mario (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist), and this was by far the most Shawna-appropriate tip. I’m a super tense person. When I was a gymnast I was constantly told to relax my shoulders, and even last night when I attended a paint night, I noticed I was holding the brush by the ferrule (the metal part that connects the hairs to the handle) and was holding it so tight that my fingers hurt. If you hold the brush farther away from the ferrule and with a lighter hand, your product applies that much more naturally. And it’s so true – I’ve been using this tip all week and I’ve seen a huge change in how my blending looks (that, and I’m so much more relaxed during the entire makeup process).

Check out some shots of her kit to see her most-loved products to use on clients.

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I learned so many valuable tips attending this class and I’m so glad I went. I can’t wait to attend another one and expand my makeup knowledge!


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