Winter Fragrance Faves

With every snowflake that falls to the ground, I get more and more antsy for warmer weather to arrive. I’m not someone who *loves* the cold, so I’ll do whatever I can to feel cozy, including wearing warm and rich fragrances.

winter perfume favorites

These are my top 3 fragrances I’m wearing until the snow melts.

Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume is dark, mysterious and just a tad bit quirky – it really stands out among my perfume collection. Scent notes include belladonna flower, honey, incense and saffron.

winter perfume favorites lady gaga fame perfume

The Body Shop’s Red Musk smells rich and fiery – just what I need for the freezing temperatures. Scent notes include pepper, cinnamon and, of course, musk.

winter perfume favorites the body shop red musk perfume

Dior’s Poison Girl* perfume is deep, yet contains floral notes which give the fragrance a light touch. Scent notes include bitter orange, grasse rose and tonka bean.

winter perfume favorites dior poison girl

As lovely as these fragrances are, I’m ready to pack them up and bust out my fresh and fruity summer scents…like now.

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