Introducing….My Clarins Skincare

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of the latest skincare line from Clarins.

my clarins skincare

I don’t talk about skincare too much on this blog because I haven’t had the smoothest skincare experience. However, Clarins has been one of those brands that really agrees with my skin (flashback to me absolutely obsessing over the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel line).

my clarins skincare

The My Clarins line is a collection of products aimed at millennials. It calls itself the perfect balance of fruit and plant extracts for healthy-looking skin. The products are made with natural ingredients, are vegan-friendly and have easy-to-understand names.

my clarins skincare re-move

Re-Move is a purifying cleansing gel made for all skin types. This foaming cleansing gel is used to remove impurities and excess oil, with the goal of clean, purified, rebalanced skin. It includes moringa extract to cleanse the skin’s surface and remove traces of pollution, meadowsweet extract with purifying properties and bitter orange flower water to soften the skin.

my clarins skincare re-fresh

Re-Fresh is a hydrating beauty mist for all skin types. This floral, fruity beauty water’s goal is to moisturize, promote radiance and prep skin. It contains coconut water and alpenrose extract to help rebalance and boost radiance, fig extract for moisturizing, acerola seed extract for a fresh and rosy complexion and robinia flower water to soften the skin.

my clarins skincare re-boost re-charge

Re-Boost is a refreshing hydrating morning cream for normal skin. In addition to coconut water and alpenrose extract to help rebalance and boost radiance, it contains goji berry extract for an energy boost, fig extract for moisturizing and acerola seed extract and tamarind pulp acids for a fresh, rosy complexion and smooth skin texture. Re-Charge is a nighttime relaxing sleep mask for all skin types. It aims to provide a relaxing herbal infusion to quench, plump and refuel skin at night so it looks improved by the morning. Similar to the Re-Boost cream, it contains coconut water and alpenrose extract, fig extract and acerola seed extract.

I’m looking forward to trying this line, not only because it’s from Clarins, but because of the price point. Sometimes I’m afraid to fall in love with a certain skincare item because of how much it will cost to replace it, but everything in this collection is within the $20 range. Cheers to great skin in 2019!


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