ChickAdvisor Showcase 2018

A few weeks ago ChickAdvisor held their 2018 showcase. I’ve actually been signed up for ChickAdvisor for a few years, but I never got the chance to review anything. So what better way to introduce myself to ChickAdvisor than by packing a bunch of reviews into one afternoon?

When I walked into the event I was seated at a table with a ChickAdvisor compact and a menu featuring the items we would be reviewing that afternoon. There were instructions on the table for how to get on the wifi and get onto the ChickAdvisor website, where we would be doing our reviews.

Shortly after arriving we were prompted to┬áline up and grab lunch from a buffet of party sandwiches, mini salads, quiches and desserts. Once we were settled in with our lunch, the reviewing began. The emcee (CityLine’s Tracy Peart) would introduce the product and talk about its features, while a picture of the product would appear on a big screen with the hashtags. ChickAdvisor team members would come to our table and give everyone the item which was up for review.

We would get about 10-15 minutes to try the product, take some pictures, share on our socials and post our review on the ChickAdvisor website. Up for review were items like makeup, skincare and tea from brands like Neutrogena, Bobbi Brown and Teapigs. At the end of the event you got to take home the items you reviewed, plus some extra goodies.

If I were to improve the showcase, I would recommend giving a bit more time to do the reviews because completing the full review took a bit longer than planned (the website had a minimum number of characters for each review, so sometimes I found myself needing a bit of extra time). Additionally, I found it quite hard to give a proper review to skincare, seeing how it can take about six weeks to properly review skincare. Now, I’m not asking for those full six weeks, but it felt inauthentic to post a review for an oil or serum after only trying it for 10 minutes (I had to stick to my immediate opinion on the item skincare and discuss things like the scent or the value).

If you are looking to spend an afternoon doing a lightning round of product reviews, keep your eyes peeled for the ChickAdvisor 2019 Showcase.

*A ticket to the showcase was kindly provided to by ChickAdvisor


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