DIY Rose Gold Eyeliner

Sometimes you need to get a little crafty with makeup.

DIY rose gold eyeliner inglot duraline

Remember the Tarte made a rose gold eyeliner, the one in the pot?  Well, it’s limited edition and hard to track down (I blame myself for discovering it way after it was released).  So the next best thing?  Make it yourself!

This DIY project is really easy because you just need one main product to make it work and the rest of the items can be found in your makeup collection.

You can actually use this method to make any colour eyeliner you’d like – I’ve just been obsessing over that rose gold liner.  What you need is an eyeshadow (I used the ANNABELLE Chrome  Creamy Single Eyeshadow in “Rose Gold”*), a little bowl, a spatula or knife (I used a clean KISS nail tool), an angled brush (I used an Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush*), and of course, the most magical beauty product that I own…..the product that can revive almost any dried out eyeliner….INGLOT “Duraline”!  Seriously, this stuff is a lifesaver.

DIY rose gold eyeliner inglot duraline

To start off, you need to scrape a little bit of eyeshadow (can be powder or cream) into the bowl with your spatula.  Then you add one little drop of “Duraline” (a little goes a long way) and mix it up with your eyeliner brush.  Then apply it like a regular eyeliner from a pot with the angled brush and you’re good to go!

DIY rose gold eyeliner inglot duraline DIY rose gold eyeliner inglot duraline DIY rose gold eyeliner inglot duraline

Do you have any DIY makeup tricks?  Let me know in the comments below.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are PR samples.


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