Sun Care Round-up

Even though it may not be the sunniest of summers, that doesn’t mean that the UV rays aren’t out in full force.

sunscreen roundup sun bum shiseido garnier ombrelle zorah

And while I’ve been somewhat of a vampire this summer, having barely seen daylight, I’m still on the ball when it comes to protecting my skin.  These are some of my top picks for summer sun care.

sunscreen roundup sun bum shiseido garnier ombrelle zorah

If, like myself, you can’t say no to a swimming pool, these two products will be your new best friend.  Ombrelle Ultra Light Advanced is a spray sunscreen that stays water resistant for 80 minutes (so be sure to reapply every hour/hour and a half).  The good thing about this sunscreen is that it takes about 20 seconds to set, so you can spray it, rub it around, and then let it dry (instead of it drying instantly and not knowing where the sunscreen actually landed).

The Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Lotion isn’t just water resistant, but it actually gets stronger when it meets water – sold!

sunscreen roundup sun bum shiseido garnier ombrelle zorah

If you’re looking for something to protect your face, but want a bit of coverage, check out Zorah Cosmetics Bio Reef Tinted Sunscreen.  Once blended it has a light pink tint to it, and bonus – it’s coral reef safe!

And after you stay out in the sun too long and are starting to feel the burn set in, grab a bottle of Sun Bum Cool Down.  This moisturizing after sun lotion has aloe, enriched Vitamin E, and cocoa butter.  It will soothe sunburns as well as itchiness, dehydrated skin, and peeling.

Let me know in the comments below what your summer must-haves are.

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