Estée Lauder Announces New Modern Muse Spokesmodel

Lauder has announced Misty Copeland, principal ballerina at
American Ballet Theatre, as the new global spokesmodel for the
brand’s Modern Muse fragrance. Misty will front the new Modern Muse
fragrance campaign across digital, TV, in-store and print, debuting
August 2017.

estee lauder modern muse misty copeland

I absolutely LOVE this choice – Misty Copeland is such a force in the dance world, and I think that her story, and her beautiful & graceful talent pairs well with what Modern Muse represents.

Estée Lauder launched the Modern Muse fragrance in 2013, we embraced
the idea of women as muses, living life on their own terms, achieving
great things and inspiring everyone around them,” said Stephane de
La Faverie, Global Brand President, Estée Lauder. “Misty has
challenged the status quo to achieve her dreams and inspired so many
young women along the way. Misty will bring the fragrance concept to
life through her unique story.”

is the perfect representation of today’s modern muse,” said Aerin
Lauder, Style and Image Director, Estée Lauder. “She is all about
feminine strength, power, dedication and passion, and you see that in
what she does every day, whether she is performing or inspiring the
next generation of dancers. I think she is a wonderful role model and
I am thrilled to welcome her to the Estée Lauder brand.”

am so honored to represent Estée Lauder Modern Muse,” said Misty
Copeland. “My two passions are dance and giving back, and I love
passing on knowledge to the next generation. I also have a strong
connection to the scents I wear when I perform. The Modern Muse
campaign is the perfect way to see another side of my story.”

Modern Muse campaign was produced by Estée Lauder’s in-house
Creative team in collaboration with Spring Studios and director and
photographer Pamela Hanson. The campaign includes extensive
storytelling around the theme, “What inspires you?” to
personalize the Modern Muse concept to Misty, and engage women in
conversation across digital and social platforms using the hashtag
#BeAnInspiration. Misty is featured in the campaign teaching and
inspiring young ballerinas and talking about the importance of
connecting with the next generation.


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