Clarins Lip Comfort Oil – Review and Look

Ready to kiss?

clarins lip comfort oil review

Because Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is now available in four new yummy shades!

This unique formula is a perfect balance between lip care and lip gloss.  High-shine, delicious fragrance, nutrition, and protection; your lips will definitely have something to smile about!

clarins lip comfort oil review

The Clarins Lip Comfort Oil ($25 CAD) comes in a square tube (which is PERFECT for makeup storage). The tube is clear to show off the shade as well as show how much product is left in the tube as you use it.  Each tube contains 7 mL of product, and comes with a wide rounded paddle applicator.

clarins lip comfort oil review

Each shade has a fragrance that is based on a yummy food:

  • 04 Candy – based on cherry, raspberry, and strawberry
  • 05 Tangerine – based on red currant
  • 07 Honey Glam – based on honey (has a glittery golden finish)
  • 06 Mint – Based on mint (has cooling feeling when applied)

clarins lip comfort oil review

The formula was thick, but still slippery, however that thickness diminished once the product seeped into my lips.  As far as the shade, although it has a bit of tint when swatching on the arm, the product appeared clear on my lips.

There was one thing that I don’t like about the packaging:  you have to use a bit of force to remove the applicator out of the tube, and because of that force, a drop of lip oil can kind of fling in any direction.  The picture below shows the drop of product at the base of the applicator when I opened the bottle extremely slowly and carefully (so the drop of product wouldn’t go flying).

clarins lip comfort oil review

clarins lip comfort oil review honey glam 06
Wearing ’06 – Honey Glam’

You can find the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil at Clarins counters and online.

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