Bodycology ‘Creamy Vanilla’ Moisturizing Body Wash, Moisturizing Body Cream, and Fragrance Mist – Information

My first ever retail job was at Bath and Body Works.  I worked there for about four years, and during those four years fancied myself a bodycare product aficionado.

bodycology creamy vanilla bodycare

And since I worked there for so long, I grew kind of tired of the products.  So I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for bodycare products that come from a different store than the one that I lived in during university.

I’d consider Bodycology’s ‘Creamy Vanilla’ scent an answer to the Bath and Body Works ‘Warm Vanilla Sugar’ scent, but with a slightly cooler tone.  The ‘Creamy Vanilla’ collection has four products: a fragrance mist, a moisturizing body wash, a moisturizing body cream, and a body lotion.

bodycology creamy vanilla bodycare

If you’re a sweet scent-lover, you can pick up the ‘Creamy Vanilla’ products at Walmart, and layer them.

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