Introducing: Zorah Biocosmétiques + My Top Picks

Back in April, I was introduced the the brand Zorah Biocosmétiques.

zorah biocosmetiques

Zorah Biocosmétiques is an organic, eco-friendly, ultra-efficient, fair-trade cosmetics brand, made in Canada.

The idea for Zorah Biocosmétiques came from a Quebec development aid volunteer, Mélissa Harvey. In 2003 she traveled to Tamanar, Morocco for an international cooperation internship where she met a cooperative of Berber women who grew, harvested, and exported argan oil.  After living and working with these women, Mélissa joined forced with Richard Morin, and created Zorah Biocosmétiques, an environmentally friendly company with the mission of developing, manufacturing and distributing organic and fair-trade cosmetics of very high quality.  Every product that Zorah Biocosmétiques makes contains argan oil, and is made with 100% recyclable materials (even the containers are made with biodegradable packing materials).

These are my top picks:

zorah biocosmetiques

Ora ($64.99 CAD) – Anti-Wrinkles, Anti-Circles.  Extreme morning performance, diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, makes eyes look less tired, eliminated puffy eyes.

zorah biocosmetiques

Nuxe ($59.99 CAD) – High Efficacy Cream Mask.  Moisturizing and regenerating, replumps and revitalizes.  Balances sebaceous gland activity.

zorah biocosmetiques

Nita ($24.99) – Cleansing Foam, Soothing Effect.  Deep cleans and removes makeup, removed impurities.

zorah biocosmetiques

Gel-Cream Eyeshadow ($19.99 CAD) – Anti-aging formula made with a base of organic argan oil, silky effect, refreshing sensation, and light on the eyelids.  Soothes reduces redness, regenerates and slows down the aging process.

You can find Zorah Biocosmétiques online at

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