Dior ‘Poison Girl’ Eau de Toilette – Review

♪ That girl is poisoooooon 

….I had to!

dior poison girl eau de toilette perfume review

Say “hello” to the latest fragrance from Dior, ‘Poison Girl’.

“Her perfume is a signature resembling her.

Full of life and audacity: sexy, sassy, confident.

The perfume of a contemporary girl who fulfills her own desires, unfettered.

Who has so need to win her freedom.

She was born free.”

Composed by Francois Demachy, ‘Poison Girl’ is for a generation of young women who are powerful and direct, to keep up with the fast-moving pace of the world.

dior poison girl eau de toilette perfume review

Scent Notes:

Top Notes: Sicilian Sweet Orange, Calabrian Bitter Orange
Mid Notes: Neroli, Damascus Rose
Bottom Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla

To me, Dior’s ‘Poison Girl’ (30 ml – $72 CAD, 50 ml – $95 CAD, 100 ml – $135 CAD) is one of those scents that smells one way in the bottle, but takes on a different life when you wear it (so if you’re looking at it in-store, be sure to spray it onto your wrist).  Once I sprayed it, at first I smelled a warm scent, similar to the discontinued ‘Black Amethyst’  scent from Bath and Body Works.  But as ‘Posion Girl’ sat on my skin, it began to come alive.  I could then smell a sweet, slightly powdery floral scent.  The sweetness is definitely a mix of the orange and vanilla notes.  If you’re a fan of multi-layered fragrances, that have a lot of levels to it, be sure to check out Dior’s ‘Poison Girl’.

You can find Dior ‘Poison Girl’ at Dior counters (including Sephora) as of April 2017.

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