New Year’s Hair with BioSilk Tools – Review, and Before & After

New Year’s parties just around the corner you have the opportunity to
glam up your look.  And while I love talking about makeup, I sometimes
neglect the hair. 

Biosilk 1.5 inch titanium curling iron review

It’s always fun to spruce up your hair, so why not give yourself some big bouncy curls?

First thing’s first: protect your locks.  I gave a generous spritz of the BioSilk ‘Hot Thermal Protectant Mist’, brushed it through my hair, and let it dry.

Biosilk 1.5 inch titanium curling iron review

For curls I opted for the BioSilk 1 ½” Titanium Curling Iron.  BioSilk’s Titanium Hair Styling Irons include:

  • Titanium cylinder available in 4 sizes: ¾”, 1″, 1 ¼”, and 1 ½”
  • 1 hour auto shut-off
  • Dual voltage
  • Illuminated temperature display
  • Pre-set temperature settings (330° F – 410° F)

Biosilk 1.5 inch titanium curling iron review

I sectioned my hair into three sections, from bottom to top.  I clipped up the sections that I wasn’t curling, then tackled the section that I was curling: left side, then right side – so 6 curling sections total.  The way that I curl with an iron that has a clip (as opposed to a clip-less wand), is to take a 1 inch section of hair, clip it near the top, and quickly comb the iron down towards the end of my hair.  From there I’ll rotate the wand, holding the handle downward, and the tip of the iron facing upward (keeps my arm from getting tired!).  I’ll alternate curling directions (curl towards my face vs. curls away from my face), until I get to the two pieces closes to my face, where I’ll always do curls away from my face, to help frame it (it’s important to note that if you are going to clip near the root, pull, then curl, make sure that you do the first two steps quickly, as moving slowly could result in a dent, near the root).

I curled my hair at the 370° F, however I think that I should have gone up to the highest or second highest heat setting, because I tend to grab larger sections of hair, which require more heat.  In addition, my hair has a hard time holding a curl over time, so maybe I needed to really go in, heat-wise.

Biosilk 1.5 inch titanium curling iron review before and after

Biosilk 1.5 inch titanium curling iron review before and after
Also wearing MAC Nutcracker Sweet Smoky Eye Compact (Review HERE), and MAC ‘Have Your Cake’.

The iron had a bit of a learning curve to it, but most hair tools do, in regards to finding an efficient way to get consistent curls.  I liked how clear the instructions were – the tool is almost fool-proof, as far as starting it up, and achieving your desired temperature.  The wand itself had a comfortable handle, and it wasn’t so heavy that I got tired, while curling.

You can find the BioSilk 1 ½” Titanium Curling Iron for $129.95, where BioSilk products are sold.

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