THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush ‘Coral 02’ – Review and Swatches

Today’s review features a cushion product from THEFACESHOP.

This is actually my first time trying a cushion product (I know – I’m late to the party), so I was really looking forward to trying it out.

THEFACESHOP brings you a moisture-packed formula that delivers a wash of lively colour.  The new Hydro Cushion Blush is a great alternative to heavier powder-based blushes, delivering a naturally flushed glow that pats on nicely.

The Hydro Cusion Blush includes ingredients like lightreflects – a pigment that achieves a vibrant wash of colour and adds moisture and radiance with each application, radiance intense powder – made of crushed crystals that increases skin’s radiance by 15%, and ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid – which which retains hydration to keep the blush finish fresh and vibrant.

As mentioned before, this was my first time trying a cushion product, and I was pleased as punch.  I’m always up to try a new product that is different from the norm – and using the cushion was kinda fun!  You need to be careful with how hard you press the application sponge into the product, as it is easy to get excited and press down really hard, which means that you could pick up too much product.  I found that the best way to apply it, like any makeup is to start light, then build up.

swatch blended

worn on the face becca champagne pop

When I first swatched the colour, I was a bit concerned that it would match my skintone exactly, and wouldn’t show up.  But to my surprise, it made for a beautifully natural hint of colour.  I find myself reaching for this one more and more frequently, in my regular everyday looks.  The colour payoff reminds me of a matte, non-highlighting version Becca Cosmetics ‘Champagne Pop’.  In the photo above I wore the Hydro Cushion Blush in ‘Coral 02’ on my cheeks, with Becca’s ‘Champagne Pop’ on the tops of my cheeks, just to show how nicely they pair together.

The Hydro Cushion Blushes retail for $15, and can be found now at THEFACESHOP.

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