Ceramic Glaze Botanical Oasis Collection – Review and Swatches #myCGnails

Oooh, do I have a good one for you today!

One of the many things I love about summer is the bright nail polish collections that come out.  Granted, I’ll sport colourful nail polish during any season, but I love seeing what fun colours brands will put out.

Today I have swatches of the latest collection from Ceramic Glaze.  Behold, the Botanical Oasis Collection, a limited edition 8-piece collection that features an array of shades that scream “Summer is around the corner!”.  Let’s get into the swatches.

First up is ‘Surf’s Up’, which is a beautiful tiffany blue that makes me dream of surfing the waves in Hawaii.  This one was probably my favourite colour of the bunch – it has such life to it!  Below is 3 coats.

ceramic glaze surf's up

Next is ‘Impulsive’, a dark orchid purple with blue and purple microglitter that dries to a matte finish.  I wish that this colour was more similar to the lighter colour in the bottle.  Below is 3 coats.

ceramic glaze impulsive

Of course, I had to see what ‘Impulsive’ looked like with a glossy topcoat.  Below is 3 coats, with topcoat.

ceramic glaze impulsive topcoat

‘Perfect Peony’ is a jelly neon pinky coral.  For a jelly formula, I was pretty pleased that I achieved full coverage, without doing a thousand coats.  Below is 3 coats.

ceramic glaze perfect peony

‘Heavenly’ is a sheer iridescent pearl that leans green and pink in the right light.  I’m not one for sheer colours that show the free edge of my nail, but I imagine that ‘Heavenly’ could lend itself nicely to being layered over another colour.  Below is 3 coats.

ceramic glaze heavenly

‘Petal Pusher’ is a lovely heather purple.  Not to be confused with Essie’s ‘Petal Pushers’, which is a light grey.  Below is 2 coats.

ceramic glaze petal pusher

‘Seize the Day’ is hot magenta jelly, with a similar formula to ‘Perfect Peony’.  Below is 3 coats.

ceramic glaze seize the day

‘Urbane’ is a peach sandstone with a very subtle silver microshimmer.  This is another one of my favourites.

ceramic glaze urbane

Finally, we have ‘French Riviera’, which is a denim blue that has blue microshimmer.  Similar to ‘Urbane’ the microshimmer is extremely subtle (you have to look super close to see it).

ceramic glaze french riviera

The Ceramic Glaze Botanical Oasis Collection is available as of today at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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