Quo Prismatic Eye Palette ‘Infinity’ – Review & Swatches

Spring is here! *Looks out window and sees snow*  Okay maybe not outside, but in my mind it is.  I’ve got one of three eyeshadow palettes from Quo’s Prismatic Spring 2016 Collection.

Meet ‘Infinity’!

Like I mentioned, ‘Infinity’ is one of three new eyeshadow palettes from Quo.  The other two are ‘Colourful Life’, and ‘Intergalactic’.  That packaging!  The swirls of purple, pink, black, and silver make for a pretty water-marble design.  Compared to the other two palettes, the colours in the ‘Infinity’ palette are in the purple/nude family.

Top row

Bottom row


I had a really tough time swatching this palette.  I usually dip in my finger once, wiggle it a bit, and then apply a swipe to my arm.  However, for most of the colours in this palette, I found myself going back in and dipping my finger four to five times, to see any type of colour payoff on my arm and on camera – it was actually a little of frustrating.  While the colours are very much my style, they were not pigmented enough to show up on me.  The only colours that I thought had a so-so amount of pigment were the dark purple (on the lower-right corner), and the brown (next to the purple) – but even the most pigmented colours were chalky.  I think this palette would work for someone who likes a more muted, and not so in-your-face eye look, because when worn, the colours are still there, they just don’t have much of a presence.

You can find the Quo Prismatic Eye Palette at Shoppers Drug Mart for $18 each.

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