Get Your Glow On with Joe Fresh – Review

As mentioned last week, Joe Fresh cosmetics are now carried at Shoppers Drug Mart (check out the launch HERE).

Since highlighting is all the rage these days (which I love!), I picked out the three new highlighting products* that Joe Fresh offers, and am sharing my thoughts with you.

Joe Fresh Highlighter Powder comes in two colours, ‘Luster’ and ‘Champagne’.  It is recommended to be applied on the browbone and cheeks, as the last step of your makeup application.

Joe Fresh Highlighter Powder ‘Luster’.

The Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick comes in the colour ‘Pure Glow’, and has the same directions as the highlighter powder – apply to browbone and cheeks, as the last step of your beauty routine.

Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick ‘Pure Glow’.

I found the highlighter powder in ‘Luster’ to be too orange for my skintone.  I have very fair skin (we’re talking the lightest shade that Shoppers Drug Mart Offers).  I applied ‘Luster’ to my browbone, however, it just looked like I put orange eyeshadow, instead of a luminous highlighter – it looked very out of place.  I don’t think this particular shade worked with my skintone, however, it does come in another colour, ‘Champagne’, which is more pink-based, which might work better  with my fair skintone.

For reference, I swatched ‘Luster’ next to my favourite powder highlighters.

I tried the Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick in ‘Pure Glow’, and although it gives a nice sheen to the skin, I could not for the life of me get it to properly blend.  Whether I applied it right to the skin from the stick and blended, or put some on my finger and dabbed it onto my skin, I was always left with visible streaks.

L-R: Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick ‘Pure Glow’, Joe Fresh Highlighter Powder ‘Luster’.

I also tried the Joe Fresh Illuminating Primer, which comes in two colours, ‘Pure Glow’, and ‘Champagne.  It can be used as a face primer, or as added to a body lotion to create a subtle glow.

Joe Fresh Illuminating Primer ‘Pure Glow’.
L-R: Joe Fresh Illuminating Primer ‘Pure Glow’, ‘Champagne’, unblended.
L-R: Joe Fresh Illuminating Primer ‘Pure Glow’, ‘Champagne’, blended.

At first, when I swatched this primer at the launch, I got a bit nervous – it was quite sparkly, and I thought – do I really want to put this on my face?  Will it be too much?  But don’t be scared off.  I applied ‘Pure Glow’ to my face, before applying Joe Fresh Daily Boost Fluid Foundation in ‘Porecelain’, and Wow!  I was pleasantly surprised.  Once well-blended out on the face, the shine really toned down into a very subtle sheen.  I applied the foundation on top of it (which is a light to medium coverage), and was very happy with the result – an effortless glow that captured the light just right.  Although I have only tried one of the two primers, I have to proclaim the Joe Fresh Illuminating Primer as the star of the show.

*PR Sample


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  1. May 9, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Do you have a swatch or picture of the foundation in porcelain. I don't live near a store and I would like to know if it's light enough for me. I also have VERY fair skin. Thank you!! 🙂

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