Lisa’s Cosmetics Warehouse Sale: Fall 2015 + Haul

I just got back from the Lisa’s Cosmetics warehouse sale, and I took lots of pictures to share!

This year sale is located in Markham, on 135 Commerce Valley Drive East, in Markham, Ontario.  I went right at 12:30 pm, and there was tons of parking and no lineup to get in (on my way out, around 2:45 pm, it was much busier – less parking, and a lineup in the building).  Click through for tons of pictures!

Last year I had a couple people asking me about the prices of the perfumes and colognes, so I tried to take a lot of photos, especially in the fragrance department.  Here’s some photos from inside the sale.

My haul

That’s all for today.  Check out the sale if you see anything you like, but make sure to check out the Lisa’s Cosmetics facebook group for dates that the sale is open.  Until next time, toodles! – Shawna


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