Go #GlamToGhoul with Make Up For Ever, This Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, I know there’s a bunch of us who still don’t have a costume.  Fear not, because Make Up For Ever is switching it up this Halloween by encouraging you to wear a simple costume with a ‘knock it out-of-the-park’ makeup look.  In addition to inspiration photos, Make Up For Ever is giving you pro tips, to achieve this look.

Let’s start with the glam looks.

Onto the ghoul looks… *cue the evil laugh*

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?  I still have no idea, but if all else fails, I’ll pop on some animal ears, and when someone asks what I dressed up as, I’ll say “I’m a mouse”, *points to ears* “Duh!”  Until next time, toodles! – Shawna


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