Hot Off the Presses Part 2

Happy Saturday, friends!  Saturdays are my one day off, so I’ll be taking it easy – doing some blogging, hanging out in my pjs, and watching some Netflix.  Today I have part 2 of my ‘Hot Off the Presses’ series (Part 1 HERE).

Click through to see which pigments/shadows I used to make these bad boys.

MAC – Whisper Pink
Gosh – Pinkie
Annabelle – Faerie

Swatches in natural sunlight.

Fun fact, Gosh ‘Pinkie’ was the first pigment that I ever bought.  I remember using it and thinking “It’s such a pretty colour, but it makes such a mess!”, and then being afraid to touch it, until I learned how to press pigments.

That’s the three that I have for today – stay tuned because at this point I have pressed about 25 shadows, so I’ll have a lot more to share in the future.  Until next time, toodles! – Shawna


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