Reviews-Day Tuesday ft. DDM Cosmetics, Part 2

Happy Reviews-Day Tuesday, Tea Mates!  And what a happy Tuesday it is – by the time I post this, I’ll be done an exam, and my last individual assignment – hooray!  Today, I have part 2 of my DDM Cosmetics review.

DDM Cosmetics is a lipstick brand, made in Canada by Diego DeMatos.  You can read all about him, as well as part 1 of this review HERE.  Care to see which lippies I have for you today?

I will be reviewing two of the lipsticks from DDM Cosmetics – they are said to be long-wearing, low-maintenance, and creamy.

The first lipstick I have for you is “Luvena”.  “Luvena” is a deep, vampy, purple, merlot colour.  It has a matte finish, and personally, I think that it is a GORGEOUS colour.

This colour is absolutely beautiful in person.  The website suggests that you apply these lipsticks in layers, and build it up, which is a great tip when using “Luvena”.  I suggest applying your first layer, then applying your next layer or two with a light hand, so you do not disrupt the first layer.  Because it is a matte finish, the formula is a bit more firm than your average lipstick, but that being said, even though it’s matte, it doesn’t dry your lips out.  I would however, suggest exfoliating your lips previous to sporting any matte lipstick, just to get off any dead skin, which is something that matte lipsticks tend to latch onto.

Next up is “Seriously Red”, which is exactly what it says – seriously red!  It is a blue-toned red, that has a semi-matte finish.  Before I let the waterfall of compliments towards this one pour out, let me show you some swatches, and let it speak for itself.

Let’s start with the arm swatch….

This was ONE swipe of product!  Look.  At.  That.  Pigmentation.

“Seriously Red” in outdoor lighting.
DDM Cosmetics, indoors.

Okay, here I go.  This is hands down, the creamiest red lipstick I have ever used.  The swatches – arm and lip – are with only one layer of product.  I am SO impressed with “Seriously Red”.  It is a stunning colour, and this is coming from a gal who has been afraid to wear red lipsticks for many years.  It applied like a dream, and was not at all patchy or dry.  Ding, ding ding, we have a winner!

Check out DDM Cosmetics for more product information, and details on how to get your hands on some great lippies.  Until next time! – Shawna


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