Influenster Review – Covergirl’s Full Lash Bloom Mascara #goBloom

I couldn’t wait until Reviews-Day Tuesday (I got antsy).  So, here is today’s latest review.

Click through to see some before and after pictures with Covergirl’s latest – the Full Lash Bloom Mascara
I received the mascara in the color “very black” from Influenster, and I had high hopes for this one, as Covergirl makes my #1, tried and true, never fail mascara – Lash Blast Volume Waterproof.  I see the commercials for this product about 5 times a day on tv (You know, the ones with Katy Perry), so I was happy to give it a whirl, and see if I could get lashes like Katy.

Key features:

  • A petal-shaped molded brush with short & long bristles that aligns, combs, and coats every lash evenly for full, separated volume from root to tip.
  • A detailing tip that allows you to build volume and reach those hard-to-get lashes, while keeping lashes soft and flexible – never wet.
  • A new soft-set formula with natural beeswax to provide buildable volume that doesn’t go on wet or set hard.  The formula delivers full, soft lashes that resist flaking.

I was very pleased with the applicator, as it was a different shape from the applicator of any other mascaras I own.  It has a lot of bristles, which I liked, because it made sure that all of my lashes would be separated during application, to create a more defined look.

Before and after photos:

My lashes, without any mascara.
One coat of Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara.
Two coats of Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara.

I was happy with the applicator, and the fact that Covergirl came through on their promise to create a soft-set formula.  Once the mascara dried, it did not feel heavy or stick-like.  However, I found that up close, with 2 coats, there was some clump-age forming.  From far away, I could definitely see an improvement on how my lashes appeared (when compared to going mascara-less), but up-close, you could see some limitations.  While I think that this mascara does a great job at defining, it didn’t do an AMAZING job at volumizing, or lengthening.  Because at the end of the day, aren’t we all just looking for a one-size-fits-all, does-everything-you-want, holy grail mascara?  I will continue to use this mascara, however I will stick to only applying 1 coat, because once I apply the second coat, I begin to see clumps of mascara appear.  But when it comes to my all-time favourite mascara, Covergirl, you still have my heart, with your LashBlast Volume Waterproof mascara. 

That’s all for today, tea mates.  Until next time. – Shawna

Products in this post were provided for review purposes, by Influenster.  All opinions are my own. 


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