Inglot ‘HD Perfect Cover-Up Foundation’ Launch

Helloooo Tea Mates!

Last week, myself and some other Toronto beauty bloggers, were invited to Inglot Toronto, to get an in-depth look at Inglot’s newest product – the HD Perfect Cover-Up Foundation.

Toronto is currently the only store in North America to carry this product.  So what are you waiting for?  Click through and read all about the event!

We were let into the store after closing, so the store was all ours, and we got started with a make up application demonstration of the new HD Perfect Cover-Up Foundation (pictured above).  The foundation contains HD pigments that glide over the skin to conceal and blur imperfections.  It is categorized as a full coverage foundation, however, if you want it to be a bit more sheer, you can achieve whichever type of coverage you desire, according to the method of application – kabuki brush, make-up sponge, fingers, etc.

Asha Houghton (Inglot Toronto’s PR manager) applying the HD Perfect Cover-Up Foundation with a beauty sponge on the right side of the model’s face, for a matte finish.

Using a kabuki brush to apply the foundation on the model’s left side, to create a dew-y finish.

Asha also showed us a few tips for contouring (and boy, do I need all the help I can get!).  The first tip she showed us was how to find your path for contouring with bronzer.  You take the arm which is opposite of the side you are wanting to contour, and place it across your chest, in front of your face.  Make your hand into a shape where your 4 fingers are together, and your thumb is sticking out, making a 90 degree angle.  Place your thumb on the nostril closest to your thumb, and lay your hand down on your face, with your index finger aiming towards the very top of your ear.

And there you have it – your contouring path.

The other tip we were told about was “remembering your C’s and your 3’s”.  Below I have made a little picture of how it was explained, I hope I did the explanation justice.

We have all heard about the countouring method where you place your bronzer in the shape of a 3 on your face – so that would be the brown line in the picture.  Beyond that you want to apply your blush (the pink line) in a larger ‘C’ shape starting on the apples of your cheek, and blending upwards, to sheer it out.  To finish off the look, apply your highlighter (the white line) in a smaller ‘C’ shape, within the larger ‘C’ shape, from your blush – it should be applied just on top of the cheekbone, and blend into your browbone highlight.

We had the store all to ourselves, so we got to play around with the products, and get the latest scoop on upcoming announcements – heads up, Inglot Canada will be getting its own website where we Canadians can place make up orders.  The website will be, and although there is no specific launch date, know that it is indeed on its way.

Kaitlyn from Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty and Zubie from Zubie’s Musings swatching some eyeshadows.

We got the chance to get color matched, to see which of the HD Perfect Cover-Up Foundations would match us best, and got to take home a sample to try them out – I’m a #71 (Of course, the lightest of them all – I’m super fair-skinned).

Asha color matching Zubie. 

Kaitlyn getting color matched.

The peach concealer, which seemed to be some sort of magical wonder product, as it was used to cover up anything I needed to be covered – blemishes, discolouration, under eye – wow!

As a thank you for coming, we were given a lip-duo cube, by Inglot’s Presidents, Marcin Bielen, and Silver Laus.

Marcin Bielen showing us the lip duo cube.

It was a really thoughtful and special gift – as were informed, only a few people have this specific product, like the wives of the brand’s Presidents.  There are only 50 of them in the world, so I think it’s safe to say that this one will be quite the conversation piece, sitting on its throne, at my beauty station.

All in all, the product launch was a very informative and fun night. Bonus – I got the chance to meet some fantastic people, such as the official Inglot Team, and some fellow beauty bloggers.  The Inglot Toronto store is located in Yonge-Dundas Square, and if you’re a fan of the brand, it’s definitely worth checking out.  If you can’t make it to Toronto right away, I have plenty of photos from inside the store, the day before it opened, HERE.

Until next time! – Shawna


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