Reviews-Day Tuesday ft. Revlon Colorstay ShadowLinks

It’s been a while, has it not?  But this week, Reviews-Day Tuesday is back! *cue applause*  Today I have Revlon Colorstay ShadowLinks eyeshadow singles, care of the Revlon Selects program.

Back in February, Revlon sent out an e-mail to Revlon Selects members, which told them about the newest product, and gave us the opportunity to design our own palette, by picking out 4 colours from the collection.

“Imagine being able to put together a custom look easily, whenever you felt
like it. With new ColorStay ShadowLinks you can! They’re individual,
interchangeable eye shadows that click together so you can create
your own customized palette every time. Change your look – in a click. 

 It’s easy! Pick a colour, mix it up, match it with a complementary colour.
Click together and go! ColorStay ShadowLinks come in 4 fabulous
finishes and 30 shades. Collect them all to create endless looks” 

 This is what I saw when I opened the box:

Since the shadows come in 4 different finishes, and I wanted to show off how each of the finishes appears, I chose one of each.

Left to right:  “Griege” (matte), “Candy” (pearl), “Gunmetal” (satin), “Melon” (satin).

The one with the best colour payoff is definitely gunmetal – just look at the pigmentation!  But my favourite part of the ShadowLinks is the packaging and marketing.  I like they way that Revlon has designed these, so when you see the display at the store, you are taught how to build a versatile palette – 1)  Add your favourite colour, 2)  Add any shade from the same row (from the store display), 3)  Add a neutral to highlight, 4)  Plus a deep neutral to define.  Clearly, I didn’t choose to follow the suggestions of how to create a cohesive look, because I’m just that rebellious – I kid, I kid – I actually just wanted to get colours that are different from the ones I currently own in my makeup stash.

The downfall for me was the chalki-ness and fallout from the shadows.  Although they applied smooth, as the day went, the shadow’s presence wore off a bit.

I can’t say that I would purchase these in store, however I am a big fan of Revlon’s Luxurious Color eyeshadow singles (my little stash is featured in my “4 or More” post), so I’m excited to see what they come up with next.

Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes, by the company.  All opinions are my own.


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