Indies & Undies ft. U-Neek Polish

Happy Reviews-Day Tuesday, y’all!

Today on “Indies & Undies” I have some soon-to-be released nail polishes from U-Neek PolishU-Neek Polish is an etsy-based indie brand that creates “Custom Handmade Nail Polish made as U-Neek as you are“.  I have 4 polishes to share with you – the lighting is different in a few of the pictures, but I wanted to change the lighting in order to capture an accurate color depiction.  Let’s get into it!

Up All Night

“A deep, dark black/blue with shimmer.

1 coat
2 coats
U-Neek Polish in “Up All Night”

This polish is a “no undies necessary” polish.  Two coats and it is opaque, but I did 3 coats, because I like that little bit of extra shine and oomph.

Cosmic Rose

“A rosy pink, with holo.”


1 coat

2 coats

U-Neek Polish’ in “Cosmic Rose” over Pure Ice’s “Love”.

This polish is a holo, although it isn’t one of those “in your face” holos, meaning that it is more of a subtle holo.  It’s a great polish if you’re looking to spruce up your basic pink mani, and aren’t willing to commit to those suuuuper reflective holo polishes.  

Plum Sorbet

“A muted purple jelly with shimmer.”

1 coat

2 coats
U-Neek Polish in”Plum Sorbet” over Pure Ice’s “New Lilac”.

The fun thing about “Plum Sorbet” is that although it is a jelly, once layered over some purple undies, it turns into a purple-y/grey metallic color.  The result is different from any other purple polish that I own.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

“An icy blue jelly, with holo hex, powder blue, and lavender dots.”

1 coat
2 coats
U-Neek Polish in “Crystal Blue Persuasion” over Pure Ice’s “Bikini”.

Save my fave for last, right?  It’s got glitter, so of course it’s my favourite!  The color combination of blue and lavendar is pretty, but the shimmer of the holo hex glitters almost looks green, which really makes this polish pop.  I wore it over a light blue creme, just to enhance the color palette of the indie polish, and to avoid changing the over-all look of it.

U-Neek polishes can be found on etsy, where they retail for $8.00 for a full sized bottle.  If you like these particular colors, be sure to keep your eyes open on the etsy shop, and on the U-Neek Polish facebook page, where you will soon see the official release announcement.

Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes, by the company.  All opinions are my own.


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