‘Distracting Myself’ Post

So here’s the short version of the story – I’m using these Crest Whitestrips that are SUPER intense, so I have to wear them for 2 hours.  All I have heard about from customer reviews and from friends are about how painful it is.  I read a review describing the pain as “AGONY.
PAIN. PAIN. Agony! Never ending agony! It feels like 20 drills to the
teeth and at the same time the sensation of someone taking their nails
across a chalkboard.  Sensodyne doesn’t help much.  NSAIDs don’t help.  Be prepared to suffer unlike you have ever suffered before.  Are my teeth whiter? I don’t know…I can’t see colors anymore it hurts so much
In addition, my friend described it as “labour pains in the mouth“….so I have that to look forward to.

So while I’m wearing these things, I’m trying to distract myself until the 2 hour alarm goes off.  I’m trying everything – ‘Dance Moms’ reruns aplenty, baking, housework, and now I’m trying nail polish.  I’m currently wearing a glitter polish, so that’ll take some time and elbow grease to remove, and I’ll use any leftover time to do a new mani.  I’m thinking of doing a mani with the dry brushstroke technique.  So here’s a picture of the colours I plan on using, and the result will be a surprise to everyone.

Stay tuned for my updated mani 🙂


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