Indies & Undies ft. Glitter Lambs

Happy Reviews-day Tuesday!

Today, as part of the Indies & Undies series, we have the glitter-topcoat-specializing indie brand, Glitter Lambs Polish.  Glitter Lambs Polish is a bit new to the scene, so let’s show them some love!

From their etsy page:
“Glitter Lambs is a mom and daughter Beauty/Cosmetic website that is
located within the United States and is dedicated to anything that girls
like such as Nails, Custom Blended Nail Polish, Solvent Resistant
Glitter, Cosmetics, Makeup Reviews, Hairstyles, DIY Bedroom Decorations
and Ideas, Makeup clipart, Beauty Tips and anything else that sparks our
imaginations to post.”

My polish of choice, and the answer to the ‘Guess The Indie’ post from a few days ago, is “Circus Clown in Town”, and this one has to be the very definition of the term glitter bomb – many different colours, shapes, and finishes of glitter, so of course it caught my eye, right away. 

“Circus Clown In Town” by Glitter Lambs is a glitter topcoat with matte pink, and blue neon square glitter, matte pink, blue, and green neon mini hex glitters, matte red, pink, blue, and green large hex glitters, and large reflective silver circle glitter.
Close-up bottle shot.
1 coat

2 coats

I wanted to pick undie colours that would really highlight the bright neon colours of this topcoat, so here’s what I came up with.

Undie:  Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails in “Black Heart” (880).
Undie:  NYC in “Lexington Yellow (294).

*Almost* no fishing necessary.  As you can see, the brush picks up a large amount of glitter, however if you want to pick up some extra pieces of large silver circle glitter, you may need another dip of the brush, or two.

Glitter Lambs Polishes retail for $5.95, for a 15 ml, full size bottle.  They ship within the United States, and are easily accessible on all of their social media, including their etsy page (linked at the top of this post), if you have any questions.

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Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes, by the company.  All opinions are my own.


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