Indies and Undies

I’m so excited to share my very first experience with indie polishes.  Personally, when I have used glitter polishes, in order for the glitter to really pop, the base has to be a bit sheer, and therefore, to achieve opacity you have to use at least 3 coats.  And because I’m super impatient when it comes to removing glitter polishes, the less coats the better – so I try to limit myself to 2 coats of glitter polish.  But to help achieve opaque coverage, I use the “undies” method – before applying the glitter polish, I find a similar colour to use as a base, just to cover up my natural white nail tips.

I ordered some gorgeous polishes from LynBDesigns (glitter polishes, of course), and here are some swatches, as well as their corresponding “undies” that can be bought at your local drugstore or wal-mart. 

LynBDesigns polish:  “Weeping Angels”
Undie:  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “Wet Cement”
A grey base with silver hex glitter, black diamond shard glitter, white square glitter, and white bar glitter.

LynBDesigns polish:  The Banker
Undie:  Revlon in “Pure Pearl”

A white base with multi-coloured glitter in hex and fleck shapes.

LynBDesigns polish:  “Quincy”
Undie:  NYC In A Minute Quick Dry in “Lexington Yellow”

A yellow base with gold and blue square glitter, and pink and blue micro-glitter.

I have to profess my love for LynBDesigns, because it was such a great experience ordering from her.  Her polish formulas are just right – they go on smooth, not too thick, but not too thin.  The colour combinations are also fantastic – her polishes are inspired by many things, such as Dr. Seuss, Monopoly, and Dr. Who.

The polishes were on sale when I bought them ($5 each), and because I am in Canada, LynBDesigns took the time to make a custom listing, in order to get them to me.  They arrived in one piece, each carefully and individually wrapped with love.

I highly suggest checking out some of her stuff from her etsy page.  She does frequent promotions on her items, so they are definitely affordable, and she is a joy to shop from.  Check her out 🙂

The indie polishes in this post were bought with personal funds, all opinions are my own.



  1. August 7, 2013 / 4:51 am

    I hate when you see a polish and get it in the mail to find out it needs undies. When I see swatches by indie polish makers, I now always ask if the polish shown is with or without a base color under it.

  2. August 7, 2013 / 5:00 am

    It's not that it NEEDED undies or anything. I just prefer to use undies, so I dont have to apply a third coat, because the glitter removal process sometimes ends up burning my skin, if left on for too long. Definitely not the polish-makers mistake. Just a personal preference.

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