Tutorial: Floating Bubbles

1)  What you will need:  A scratch pad, a dotting tool with 2 different sized ends, a light base (I used Revlon’s “Pure Pearl”, and 3 colours of your choice (I used Pure Ice’s “Rumors”, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s “Lacey Lilac”, and “Green With Envy”).

2)  Paint a light, but solid base.

3)  You will need to do these next few steps with both the large, and the small ends of your dotting tool.

4)  Put a drop of the lightest colour on your scratch pad, and dip the small end of the dotting tool into the polish.

5)  Make 3-4 spots with the large end of the dotting tool, and make 4-5 spots with the small end, sporadically, on 2/3 of the nail, closest to the tip. (The number will depend on the amount of nail space you are working with).

6)  Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the second lightest colour – Place the bubbles around the first colour, but don’t be afraid to overlap sometimes.

7)  Repeat step 6 with your darkest colour.  Cover with a clear topcoat, and voila!

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