Tutorial – Sponged

This tutorial is a lot of fun, because each time you do it, it will turn out looking different than the last time (and it reminds me of a water-colour painting).  Just pick your colours, and it can be a perfect compliment for any outfit, in any season, for any occasion.

1)  What you will need.  A white base (Pure Ice’s “Super star!”), 4 colours of your choice (I used Pure Ice’s “Jail Bait”, and “Wild Thing”, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s “Coral Reef”, and Sally Girl’s Epic”),  a piece of cardboard to use as a scratch pad, and a makeup sponge.

Paint a solid white base.

Place a drop of nail polish onto your scratch pad.  Proceed to dip your makeup sponge into the nail polish.  The sponge is sort of like your paint brush.

Using a dabbing motion, dab the sponge with the polish onto one corner of your nail.

Using a clean end of the makeup sponge, repeat, with the three remaining colours.

Smooth out the surface with a clear topcoat.


Layout Version


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