Revlon Nail Art Event #RevlonNailArt

     Last week, I was one of the lucky nail artists who got invited to Revlon’s nail art event, held at Tips Nail Bar, in downtown Toronto.  And boy, does Revlon sure know how to throw a party.  I walked in and there were the lovely ladies of Revlon there to greet me, and to get to know me as a nail artist.  We talked about our favourite techniques, trends (of course, mine is glitter), and favourite Revlon nail products (mine is the iridescent glitter topcoat, Heavenly).  Displayed around the room, were these amazing framed nail art designs from past photo shoots.
     Once everyone arrived, we sat down at a long table to find a goodie bag of the newest Revlon nail tools, including their awesome File N’ Peel: 6-in-1 nail file (used like a regular nail file, but when it is too dull to file anymore, you peel away a layer to reveal a fresh one – neat!).  I was lucky enough to be sitting across from Revlon’s newest spokeswoman, the one and only Leeanne Colley, so I got to be her hand model.  We were shown some tips on how to achieve healthy nails with the provided tools, as well as instructed on how to achieve desired designs with the new dual-wand polishes, such as different sized polka dots, stripes, and French tips.
     After the demonstration, we got to try out all 3 of the new nail polish lines, and design away on our nails.  We used some of the beautiful fashion pieces and jewelry displayed as inspiration, and shared hints with each other on how to create fun looks.
     At the end of the night we were each presented with a GORGEOUS personalized wooden suitcase, filled with Revlon products such as the Treat and Boost, Cuticle Softener, and the ENTIRE new dual-wand collection, which included:

Neon Enamel – A collection of neon colours, where the first side is a white base (to help the neon pop), and the second side is a vibrant neon colour.

Moon Candy – Revlon’s version of the “flakie”, where the first side is a deep coloured base, and the second side is a flakie topcoat in a complementing colour.

Expressionist – Great for any beginner nail artists, this collection has a base that goes on normally, and a second step which has corresponding colour with a thin nail art brush.  The colours in this collection are matched very well, and are art inspired – ex:  Vincent Van Gold.


     My favourite part of the event was meeting my super-talented fellow nail artists, as well as the great people from Revlon – everyone was so friendly, and they made the night absolutely amazing.  A BIG thank you goes out to the people of Revlon for throwing such a great event and for being so welcoming and friendly.

Shout-out to the talented artists at the event – check out their websites!

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  1. March 1, 2013 / 8:46 pm

    i see my hand, haha so cool
    great post shawna, love the cow nail!

    • April 2, 2013 / 3:50 pm

      thanks for commenting – it really was a fun night.

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