Dupe of the Day Review – Midnight Sparkle

Dupe of:  Deborah Lippman’s “Lady Sings the Blues”

I’m a big fan of this colour, its a dark blue, almost black, base with silver micro-glitter, and silver hex glitter, which appears light blue on nails.  It was part of Revlon’s holiday 2012 collection, and was SUPER cheap, at 2 dollars for two bottles from the holiday collection (came with “Ruby Ribbon”), which was purchased at a Big Lots store in Buffalo.  This colour goes on opaque on the first coat, which is usually a deal-maker for me.  If you want more sparkle, or just a stronger colour, you can add another coat.  And of course a nice topcoat on top will make it extra shiny and smooth.  The only difference between the dupe and the original is that the original also has blue glitter, whereas the dupe just has silver.  However, unless you are holding up the two products side-by-side, it’s really hard to tell the difference.

Verdict – Get it.  At a dollar a bottle, compared to the original’s 18 dollars per bottle, how can you go wrong?  No immediate chipping, great shine, and it’s got glitter, to boot.  A definite yes.


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