First attempt at Gradient

First time trying this method, but it turned out to be super easy.  With a cool effect, this may take the place of leopard print as my new go-to design.  I know, it’s kinda messy around the cuticles, but I was too lazy to clean up the edges. 

All you need is two colours (Preferably solid colours, that aren’t sheer or sparkly), a makeup sponge, a toothpick and a scratchpad (a piece of cardboard or paper that won’t absorb the nail polish).

Colours used:  Sally Hansen Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (340) “Mint Sorbet”, and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (320) “Fucshia Power”.

Here is the picture tutorial I used, care of The Nailasaurus : Gradient Nails 


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