Split Nails

These nails can be done with any colours, I did one application with pink, and one with green.

1)  Apply one or two thin base coats of Pure Ice (919CP) “Rumours”.
2)  Refer to ‘Patchwork’ blog entry on how to apply and remove tape.
3)  One thick coat of Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (200) “Strobe Light” on untaped/exposed part of nail.
4)  Remove tape and let dry completely.
5)  Use black nail art pen to apply a thin diagonal line across, tracing over the break between colours from step 1 and 3.

 1)  Refer to instructions above replacing pink polishes with Sinful Colors (946) “Happy Ending” for step 1, and Sinful Colors (932) “Call You Later” for step 3.


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