Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween 2014 Nail Art #NOTD

Hello Tea Mates!  (Get it?  Tea themed?  Spill the Beauty?  Tea?  I'll try to figure out a wittier name....maybe.)

It's that time again, it's one of my favourite holidays (although the REAL holiday is November 1st, when all the candy goes on sale) - IT'S HALLOWEEEN!  Here is a teaser of my Nail of the Day.

Click through for a full in-color photo!


My glow-in -dark top coat didn't have the effect that I wanted on my nails, but in the bottle it looks pretty cool, right?

That's all for tonight!  I'm ready for a day of costumes and candy.  I cant wait to see what the most popular Halloween costume of 2014 will be.  Don't forget to share your nail of the day posts with me - post it below or tag me on twitter or instagram @ShawnaOhPlease.  Until next time. - Shawna

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  1. Oh I like the blood drip nail the best! Awesome job on all of them!


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