Thursday, 30 January 2014

AMAZING Deborah Lippmann Sale!

Just wanted to give a heads up to all of you nail polish lovers that Beauty Brands is having a GREAT deal on Deborah Lippmann nail polishes & treatments, which I first heard about on the awesome beauty blog, Nouveau Cheap .  I believe that all of the DL items on their site, including treatments, polishes, and polish sets are all on sale for $6.99.  For those of you know don't know, Deborah Lippmann is a brand that I am a huge fan of, but due to the price (sometimes $20.00 per bottle), I have had to admire from afar - but not anymore!


In addition to the colours posted above, they have the reds, corals, neons, darks, neutrals, as well as pieces of the Mermaid Fantasy and Staccato collection.  My personal favourites are the glitters, so here is a small list of the glitters have have been spotted so far:

Ruby Red Slippers
Boom Boom Pow
Glitter In The Air
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Bad Romance
Happy Birthday
Razzle Dazzle

Be sure to check out the site, it's not a referral link, just wanted to share the love.  You can also add free samples to your order, which include a random bottle of China Glaze nail polish.  *Don't get discouraged if they do not have the colours that you wanted, I have noticed that they have been restocking previous colours, and adding new colours throughout the last few days.  Since yesterday, I have noticed 3 restocks, with new colours added.*  Happy shopping!

So, what did you guys pick out?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coming Soon - Honey Buttons Nail Polish

Just got word from Honey Buttons Nail Polish, that my custom polish is ready to go.  Im so excited!  Here's a sneak peek that she posted on her instagram, of my cheer themed nail polish! 

From Honey Buttons Nail Polishes Instagram.
Can't wait to post a review and a whole of close-up shots!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Indies & Undies ft. Hot Chick Physics

As always, I wish you a happy Reviews-Day Tuesday!  Let's get this day started with a review of the indie brand, Hot Chick Physics.

Straight from their Etsy page: "Hot Chick Physics: for all your trashy-classy, witchy-kitschy, gothic-diva, punk-princess accessory needs".  They sell handmade nail polish, makeup, and some super-fun accessories - my favourite HAS to be the Scissors Charming Necklace.

Let's take a closer look at "Oil Slick":

Hot Chick Physics' "Oil Slick" is a charcoal grey nail polish, filled with holo glitter.
Close-up bottle shot

1 coat.

2 coats

In daylight.
One thing I should mention about this polish is that it is a "no undies necessary polish".  So to spruce it up, I added a little nail art on the accent nail, inspired by the polishes name

In daylight.
Be sure to check out Hot Chick Physics' etsy page, if you are interested in purchasing their products.  Mini polishes retail for approx. $4.50, and individual, full-size polishes retail between $8.50 - $12.00

Also check them out on facebook, if you wanted to stay updated reviews and new releases.

Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes, by the company.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Indie Haul pt. 2 (with swatches)

Here is part 2 of my indie haul - all of these colours were purchased from Color4Nails, who had a great holiday sale.  If you are thinking about delving into the indie polish pool, check out their sale and clearance section, which carries some of my favourite brands!

All of the colours in this haul just happen to be Australian indie brands - I didn't really plan that, but I find myself drooling over a lot of Australian indie polishes more times than not - is it because I know how difficult it is to get my hands on these?  Nah - it's because they're gorgeous!

Glam Polish in "Funhouse!".

Alanna Renee in "Black Cherry".

Alanna Renee in "Lenny".

Alanna Renee in "Reptar".

I should also note how impressed I was with the quick shipping - my package arrived to New York, from Nevada in about 3 days!

Update:Color4Nails had a facebook contest where you put up a photo of a mani, with a polish that you bought from their site - so I did a 'Rugrats' inspired mani, with Alanna Renee's "Reptar" over Sinful Colors' "Song Of Summer" - and I won 2nd place - hooray!
Check out Color4Nails on facebook to stay updated on colour launches and sales.

All items in this post were purchased with personal funds.

Monday, 20 January 2014

A Different Kind of Nail Art

I wanted to share a little art project I've been working on, bit by bit, for the past year.  It was inspired by a piece of artwork done by Revlon spokesperson, Leeanne Colley, who does the most beautiful work - if you're a fan of nail art, you should definitely check her out on twitter, @LeeanneColley.  She saved a few fake nails, with her personal designs from various fashion shoots and events, where she was the manicurist, and put them into a 3D picture frame.  I loved the idea, so I wanted to do a similar project, where I would either make my own design, or try to re-create other nail artists' work, and put it on my wall, near my nail station.

Here is a picture of the original piece, back in February of 2013, at Revlon's nail art night.  I wish I did a better job at capturing Leeanne's work, but that night I was so mesmerized by everything around me - I was just snapping away, not really focusing on the photo quality.

I started by ordering a pack of 500 fake acrylic nails, which included10 different sizes, from bornpretty (check them out for nail art items, and much more - don't forget to use the code "WANX31" at checkout for 10% off).  Once they arrived, whenever I was so inclined, I would choose a design, and create it on the nail.  After it was dry, I would save the completed fake nail in a container. 

A few months into my project.
Once I had enough, I bought a 12x12 shadow box from Wal-Mart, and glued the nails onto the fabric covered backing that came with the frame.  I let it dry for the day, and voila!

I'm hooked, I need to make more....and maybe not take a year to do it.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Indie Haul pt. 1 (with swatches)

It's no secret that as of late I have had a small obsession with indie polishes, so here is my latest Llarowe haul, with swatches!

Hare Polish in "Pegasus".

Different Dimension in "My Highlighter Exploded".

Different Dimension in "Orion Nebula".
Different Dimension in "Today Was A Fairytale".

Jindie Nails in "Don't Get It Citrus Twisted".

Jindie Nails in "Barney Blew Up".

If you are interested in seeing some of my past Llarowe purchases, they can be found HERE and HERE.

All items in this post were purchased with personal funds.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Indies & Undies ft. Shanti's Chic Boutique (w/ coupon code)

Reviews-Day Tuesday is upon us once again, and today I'll be reviewing a trio of mini-polishes from Shanti's Chic Boutique.

Shanti's Chic Boutique is an etsy store that carries a variety of handmade items such as nail polish, jewelry, hair accessories, and DIY terrarium kits, among other things.

The first nail polish is "Robyn's Egg".  It is described on the etsy page as a "Tiffany blue (pastel blue-green) with extra fine and hexagon black glitter as the "speckles"!".

Close-up bottle shot.
1 coat
2 coats
Opacity can be achieved in 2-3 coats, but since this is "Indies & Undies" I used a similar blue-green polish as a base.
Shanti's Chic Boutique's "Robyn's Egg" over Sinful Colors' "Mint Apple".
I used the next 2 colors in a mani, because I thought one of them would make for a cool accent nail.  First up is "Snow Melt" - this nature inspired colour is a sheer "light blue base that has a faint iridescent pink sheen, with iridescent pink glitter laced with sparkling silver glitter".

Close-up bottle shot.
1 coat
2 coats
The final polish is "Not Your Basic Razz-Ma-Tazz", which is a glitter topper, with a "blueish teal fine glitter, iridecent flakies, matte blue star glitter and fine black glitter in a clear blue tinted base".

Close-up bottle shot.
1 coat
2 coats

I used these 2 in a space-inspired mani.  I put "Snow Melt" over a black base, and "Not Your Basic Razz-Ma-Tazz" over gold, as an accent nail.

Shanti's Chic Boutique's "Snow Melt" over Pure Ice's "Black Out".
Shanti's Chic Boutique's "Not Your Basic Razz-Ma-Tazz" over Revlon's "Gold Coin".
My favourite part of these polishes is the inspiration behind the colours, as well as the labels.  The colours have nature-inspired names, as well as little stories about why they have that name, on the etsy page.  And the labels are so fun!  I like the design of them - they look like they were each made with so much love.

Shanti's Chic Boutique's mini nail polishes retail for $5.00 per bottle, and she also carries an ombre mini-trio that retails for $12.95.  Check out her etsy store to take a look at her polishes, and all of her other goodies - and be sure to use the coupon code "oacreaders15" during checkout, to receive 15% off any order over $1.00 in the store.

Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes, by the company.  All opinions are my own.