Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

My Halloween nails this year are quite easy to achieve.  Candy corn nails, using the gradient effect from THIS TUTORIAL , and an accent jack-o-lantern nail, done with a nail art brush.  Enjoy!

White -Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails in "Hard To Get" (110).
Orange - Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear in "Sun Kissed" (150).
Yellow - Sinful Colours in "Pull Over" (955).
Black - Witchcraft nail art in black.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Easy As 1-2-3: Fun with Lines

Here is the next tutorial in my series "Easy As 1-2-3".  For beginners and seasoned vets alike, anyone can achieve these fun designs.  I wish I could say that this design was inspired by something, but it was one of those "make it up as you go" things, which will always lead to a surprising result.  Here we go!

Paint a metallic pink base (I used Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure in "Raisin the Bar").

Using a thin nail art brush and white polish, paint 2 diagonal lines, to create an "X" shape (I used Sinful Colors, Nail Art in "Bad Chick").

Using a dark jade colour, paint one thick line in the center of the nail, to cover where your 2 white lines crossed (I used Sally Girl, mini in "EH1 182").

Layout version.
Close up

Finished look.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

U.S. Haul: October 2013

Here are some of my goodies from my latest U.S. haul, this time, with swatches!

TJ Maxx & Marshall's

China Glaze - $2.99

L-R: Ring in the Red, Boo-Gie Down, Party Fowl, Fang-Tastic, Not in This Galaxy (holo), Cosmic Dust (holo)

The Dollar Tree

L-R: NYC, Sinful Colors - $1.00 per package

L-R:  NYC in Pier 17, NYC in Peach Sparkle, Sinful Colors in Beverly Hills

Rite Aid

L-R:  Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat ($2.99), Sinful Colors ($0.99)

L-R: S.H. in Black Lick-O-Rich, S.H. in Cotton Candies, S.C. in Song of Summer


Salon Perfect - $3.48



Color Club's Winter Affair pack - $1.97


Jordana Twist & Shine in "Cranberry Crush ($2.99), Wet N Wild coloricon trio in "Walking On Eggshells" ($1.99)

Big Lots

Sinful Colors - $1.00

L-R:  Hottie, Smokin

L'Oreal $1.00

L-R:  So Chic!, The Bigger The Better

China Glaze crackle ($1.80), Maybelline Color Show, Denim collection ($1.00)

L-R:  Haute Metal, Denim Dash

There you have it, some of my makeup and polish finds! 

Comment below, and tell me what are some of your best cosmetics finds :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gaga For Nail Art: 2013 Edition

It's about time I do another Lady Gaga inspired mani.  The last time I did this was back in 2011 (click HERE for a blast from the past), soI hope that my nail art skills have progressed since then.  You be the judge.

Each nail is inspired by a different Lady Gaga look/song.

*Comment below and tell me your favourite Lady Gaga look or song.*

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nail Polish Junkie: Revlon Edition

I feel like it's about time that I make the series "Nail Polish Junkie", where I show pictures of my nail polish stash.  I love all of my colours, so why not do a series of posts where I show them, by brand, with pictures of the entire collection, and highlight some of my favourite colours.

I may as well start with my Revlon colours, since it seems to be one of the quickest growing brands in my stash.  I started collecting Revlon colours about 2 years ago (I think I actually wore the colour "Sugar Plum", on my toes, to the prom a couple of years ago - it was the Revlon polish that "started it all").  But recently my stash started growing extremely quickly, especially when I discovered the Revlon warehouse/online sales.  Ooh, those things are dangerous to my wallet.

So let's start with some of my favourites.  It really is hard to pick some favourites from this particular collection, because Revlon has really stepped up their game as of late.  In the past few months I have found that their solid colors apply like a dream (one-coaters), and their glitter combinations are just gorgeous.  Here are my top 6 (I couldn't narrow it down to 5).

(all swatches have 2 coats)

"Girly" (260)

"Heavenly" (770)

"Lemon Meringue" (scented polish)

"Spice It Up" (552)

"Facets Of Fucshia" (940)
"Iced Mauve" (151)

My Revlon Nail Polish Stash
Part 1 of my stash

Part 2 of my stash
Swatch sticks

*Phew*, and that's my Revlon stash - although I'm sure it will be growing in the near future, because I have GOT to get my hands on "Elusive", and "Divine".

Comment below, and tell me what was the first Revlon polish that "started it all" for you.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nail Mail from Emily at "Must Stash Em"

What an exciting treat!  A few weeks ago, after talking about the beautiful polishes from the brand "Etude House", Emily from the nail blog Must Stash Em surprised me, and sent me 2 bottles that I had been fawning over for months. 

"Etude House" is a Korean makeup brand, that makes gorgeous and innovative colour combinations in their polishes.  Every time they release a new collection of glitters, I drool a bit, so I was BEYOND pumped when these polishes showed up.

The labels on the bottom of the bottles were a bit tough to read, so I'm going to call them #1 and #2 (creative, right?).  Here we go with bottle shots and swatches.

L-R: #1, #2

#1:  A royal purple jelly base, with gold and purple square glitter, and small & large silver hex glitter

#2:  A black jelly base, with large and small purple, iridescent/green, gold square glitter, and small blue, gold, & purple hex glitter.

I described these 2 colours as Halloween meets Mardi Gras, because there is so much happening with the different glitter shapes, but it makes for a beautiful end result.

A BIG thank you goes out to Emily from Must Stash Em.  It was so generous of her to send me these, and I can't thank her enough.  I definitely recommend you check out her blog and become a follower - she does very impressive nail art, has great photos, and does very fun and detailed reviews.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Easy As 1-2-3: Flakie with a Stud

This is my newest tutorial series "Easy As 1-2-3".  In this series I will do a step-by-step picture tutorial, to help you achieve a unique, but easy nail art look, in only 3 steps.  It's great for beginners, and seasoned vets, alike.  Here we go!

Paint a plain black base (I used Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails in "Black Heart").

Paint a thick base, using your favourite flakie topcoat (I used ELF's "Fairy Dust").

Using nail glue, attach a circular gold stud at the base of the nail, in the center (I bought this nail wheel from Born Pretty).

Layout Version.
Closeup in the sunlight.

Finished look in the sunlight.