Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gold Leopard Print

Nothing fancy, just playing around with a leopard print designs using different colours.

Base Colour
Revlon Metallic (925) "Gold Coin"

For the rest of the tutorial, see the 'leopard print' post --> Jungle

Unplanned Nails - Mod

This is a new thing I'm trying - making designs on my nail without having any preconceived plan of what they should look like in the end.  Here what I came up with this time.

White - Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!". 
Green - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (340) "Mint Sorbet". 
Purple - LM Nail Polish Beauty (107)

Draw outline stripes with a black nail art brush or pen. 

Fun with Patchwork

1)  One thin base coat of Revlon Metallic (925) "Gold Coin". 
2)  Let dry completely.
3)  Apply one thin piece of tape diagonally across nail.
4)  Paint over exposed nail and tape with Pure Ice (775P) "Celestial.
5)  Immediately remove and discard tape.
6)  Let dry completely.
7)  Make leopard print by drawing freehand or using Konad stamping plate m57 with a black nail polish - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (880) Black Heart.

Fashion Edition: Burberry Nails

This design is officially one of my favourites.

Base Colour
China Glaze (933) "Classic Camel".

Make lines using a nail art brush or dotting tool.
Red - Sinful Colors (369) "Ruby Ruby".
White - Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!". 
Black -   Pure Ice (980 CP) "Black Rage".

Splatter mani

This is my third attempt at a splatter mani, and it gets easier each time I try it.  It's done using the same concept as the arts and crafts project where you dip a small straw in paint and blow on the opposite end, while aiming it at your canvas (paper or nail).  Make sure you apply tape around your nails, and do this on top of a piece of newspaper to make for an easy clean-up.

Base Colour
Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!".   

Splatter Colours
Pink - Pure Ice (917CP) "Love".
Green - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (340) "Mint Sorbet".  
Purple -  LM Nail Polish Beauty (107)


Base Colours

Index:  Sally Hansen Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (280) "Marine Scene".  
Middle:  Pure Ice (917CP) "Love".
Ring:   Sally Hansen Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (260) "Ivy League".
Pinky:  Sinful Colors (369) "Ruby Ruby".
Thumb:  Sinful Colors (955) "Pull Over".

Details:  Using the small end of a dotting tool, make eyes, and outline using Pure Ice (980 CP) "Black Rage" and Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!".