Saturday, 19 November 2011

Galaxy/Nebula Nails

These nails were pretty easy to do, because there is no wrong way to do it.

All you need is a bunch of colours, a piece of cardboard for your scratch pad, a make up sponge cut up into small pieces and a dotting tool

1)  One thick base coat a dark, sparkly colour - Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (94) "Black Diamond".
2)  Put a few drops of nail polish on your scratch pad.  Using small make up sponges, layer colours on with a dabbing action in any type of pattern across the nail, such as spots or diagonal lines:
       a)  (Blue) Sinful Colors (947) "Mint Apple"
       b)  (Green) Sinful Colors (946) "Happy Ending"
       c)  (Yellow) Sinful Colors (955) "Pull Over"
       d)  (Hot Pink) Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails:  Xtreme Wear (320)              "Fushia Power"
       e)  (Orange) Sinful Colors (30) "Courtney Orange"
       f)  (Frosty Purple) Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (30)                      "Lilac Chantilly"
3)  Fill in any spaces with too much colour with the black from step 1.
4)  Using the small end of a dotting tool, add 3-5 dots to create stars using
Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!" 

Halloween Nail Art - Candy Corn

1)  Refer to "Patchwork" blog - 
2)  White - Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!"
3)  Orange -  Sinful Colors (30) "Courtney Orange"
4)  Yellow - Sinful Colors (955) "Pull Over"

Halloween Nail Art - Skulls

1)  One thick coat of Pure Ice (981CP) "Super Star!".
2)  Using the small side of a dotting tool, apply semi-circles on the outer corners of the nail with Pure Ice (980 CP) "Black Rage".
3)  Using the same small side, apply 2 small dots in centre of nail for nose.
4)  Using Large side of dotting tool, apply 2 larger dots above nose to make eyes
5)  Using a nail art brush, apply 3 lines next to semi-circles from step 2 to create mouth.

Experimenting with Colours - Leopard Print

1)  2 thick coats of Pure Ice - (544CP) "Excuse Me"
2)  Refer to "leopard print" blog

Experimenting with Colours - Tiger print

Pink - L.A. Colors - "Metallic Pink" (NP285)
Purple - L.A. Colors - "Metallic Purple" (NP287)
Tiger stripes - refer to step 2 of "Zebra Toes" blog -